Talk Bpo Ireland Ltd offers a wide range of IT-BPO (Information Technology-Business Process Outsourcing) shared services to its clients across various industries. Some of the key services provided by Talk Bpo in this domain include:

Sales: Automated outreach, lead generating, appointment setting, delivery of sales and fulfillment and after care of customers.

Application Services: Talk Bpo helps clients design, develop, implement, and manage custom software applications. This includes services such as application development, maintenance, and modernization of AI, RPA, NLP, OCR, IPA, Data Mining, Telephone Bots and AI Chat Bot applications.

Infrastructure Services: Talk Bpo provides infrastructure management services, including partner data center management, cloud services, network management, and end-user support.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): Talk Bpo offers BPO services to help clients streamline and optimize their business processes. This can include services like finance and accounting outsourcing, human resources outsourcing, customer service, procurement, and supply chain management with supported with ERP and CRM systems.

Digital Transformation: Talk Bpo assists clients in leveraging digital technologies to transform their businesses. This includes services like digital strategy development, user experience design, and the implementation of technologies such as AI, IoT, and blockchain.

Analytics and Data Management: Talk Bpo helps clients make data-driven decisions by offering services related to data analytics, big data, data governance, and data visualization.

Cybersecurity: Talk Bpo provides cybersecurity services to help clients protect their IT systems and data from threats and breaches. This includes services like threat detection, incident response, and security strategy development.

Consulting Services: Talk Bpo offers IT and business consulting services to help clients with strategy development, organizational change management, and process improvement.

Industry-specific Solutions: Talk Bpo tailors its services to specific industries such as healthcare, financial services, retail, and more. This includes industry-specific technology solutions and expertise.

Digital Marketing and Customer Experience: Talk Bpo helps clients enhance their customer engagement strategies by providing services related to digital marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), and omnichannel customer experiences.

AI and Automation: Talk Bpo leverages artificial intelligence and automation technologies to enhance efficiency and reduce operational costs for its clients.

ESG Sustainability Services: Talk Bpo assists organizations in developing and implementing sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies.

These are just some of the IT-BPO shared services that Talk Bpo offers. The company’s wide range of services is designed to help clients improve their business operations, achieve digital transformation, and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving global market.