Our initial incentive to come off shore  from Sydney and Melbourne was because we simply couldn’t keep up with the attrition and training of our staff, which was eating into our profits within the call centre.

We needed another alternative short term solution because our current strategy wasn’t getting us ahead.

At first we were initially sceptical about outsourcing to the Philippines.

We had concerns re our corporate  image, foreign accents, taking jobs off shore and off course quality, which may eventually deflate and dilute the brand of our company and our clients brand too.

Eventually we picked up the courage to get on a plane to fly to Manila. We didn’t realise it was only an 8 hour direct flight from Sydney with Qantas or Philippines Airlines direct.

The call centre we were going to work with, picked us from the airport which was nice of them. Within an hour or so we were at our potential partners call centre.

At first I couldn’t believe the traffic, it  was manic, however as I glanced through some of the car window screens and saw people hanging off Jeepneys, converted to public transportation vehicles  from World War II GI Jeeps.

People were still happy smiling at you & going about their daily business.

Ironically, our host mentioned this was normal for MANILA, simply you have the rich or the poor.

Finally, when we arrived at our call centre destination in Ortigas  We both got stuck into work right away.

As soon as we past the secured entry exit door of the call centre, we saw signs on the walls, English speaking zone only.

My jaw dropped in awe, one could feel the vibrations,  buzz and hum off the floor from call centre agents talking on the floor.

Some were even standing beside their chairs, improvising with their hands and watching the inbound calls on the electronic screen come in.

I said to my self, when did we ever get this level of magnitude and experience in Sydney, Melbourne or New Delhi?

I was even fortunate enough to experience a few sales being done in the foreground as the call centre agent colleagues stood up and applauded their colleagues when the customer hung up.

I couldn’t believe it. Nah, they are just doing this for us because we are here from Australia and they want our business, I said.

We were proven wrong. I asked for a copy of previous MP3 sales recordings and sure enough, the same excitement & applauding was going on in the background too.

After spending 10 days training our 25 agents for sales and customer service & now six years on from 2007, Talk Bpo is still in the Philippines Outsourcing Campaigns for Entrepreneurs like yourself.

Today and most recently, Australian companies like…

  • ANZ
  • Telstra
  • QBE
  • Vodafone
  • M2
  • Toll
  • Australian Government
  • TPG

Why don’t you consider coming to join us for a trial period and see the difference in quality of service and most importantly the reduction in your operational expenditure.

Vodafone came off shore with us back in 2008, & they are still here today.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Team Talk Bpo Business Consultancy

11 January, 2017 Revised.