Imagine being able to find a company whom you can trust to take care of your Business Processing Outsourcing requirements, be it teleservices or back end office operations.

A company who has operated in several countries globally and most importantly has gained an understanding of your cultural requirements and expectations for your company seeking to be successful consistently.

Imagine a company managing and eliminating the burden of international business registrations and visa bureaucracy prior and upon your arrival in whatever country you choose to off shore your business and will provide you with access to a network of discounted air travel, accommodation, most importantly IT BPO/KPO site visits, and local leisure and recreational activities to increase your business network with represented international chambers of commerce complemented with local friendly hospitality.

Imagine having the options to operate your offshore business at either a local or managed profit share basis. With your work force already vetted, certified, trained and ready to operate, so you may pilot test the local workforce to ascertain if you’re potential business partner not only meets your business expectations but your customers’ expectations too.

Imagine talking with a company that makes your business, their business with true diligence to ensure your value proposition is relayed to your customers, with increased sustainable profits, supported by unequivocal, sophisticated modern state of the art crm call centre technology resources to ensure your business services are executed and uninterrupted around the clock 24 hours a day 7 days per week , supported by offsite redundancy back up facilities, to ensure your global information and mission critical data is secure and protected at all times.

With talkbpo one does not have to imagine this anymore. We can provide and manage this business process outsourcing service today, with proven experience, accolades and recommendations within the emerging markets, both within Australia and Europe and off shore if need be to take advantages of the huge financial incentives to make your business more profitable today in the ever constant competing markets!