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Thousands of empty seats available to Lease in Manila, the Call Centre Capital of the World

Updated August , 18th, 2013 15.00hrs

Manila, The Philippines Day Shift – Instead of being lumbered with yearly leasing contracts and administrative paper work at City Halls, Mike Conroy an Irish/Australian Call Centre Consultancy Veteran, and a PhD Doctorate Candidate at De La Salle University in Business & Entrepreneurship, now living in the Philippines off and on for the past 5 years with his family stated,

“If you are thinking of outsourcing in the Philippines it could prove to prudent for your business to choose a sub leasing model first, prior to signing any lengthy binding leasing contracts which initially is practically unnecessary and could bring many restrictions & disappointments for SME’s.”

Here’s how you can do it. During the day time, many call centre seats within the City Metros of the Philippines are actually vacant, believe it or not, he said. With the 8hr + GMT time difference, operations here have idle capacity, ie empty seats on the call centre floor to lease to Call Centre Companies or Campaign operators whom are coming from either Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Middle East, Africa or Europe.

With English spoken proficiently, supported with an articulate talented skilled work force within the Philippine Call Centre Industry, the Philippine Call Centre opportunity could be a perfect choice for English and some non-English companies considering off shoring to the Philippines for the first time for the above mentioned countries, simply because the time zones differences are minimal and its a cost effective advantage to do so for these countries, said Conroy.

Arrive in the Philippines today, start tomorrow! Conroy said. For turn-key, plug and play IT BPO/KPO/SaaS, entry solutions, prices are from as little $150 USD to $300 USD per seat per month and are realistically obtainable. This can allow you to lease a work station, head set, monitor, crm, voice recording and even a dialer to dial or receive  telephone calls. It’s that easy he said, and with some centres there are  nil minimum requirements of seats to be leased.

Sub leasing allows the business to set up operations quickly and pilot test campaigns can be done swiftly, with tweaks or abort if need be without any prior commitments. There are nil needs to worry about huge initial capital expenditure outlay which is also complemented with minimal over heads costs and where one can also arrange companies to issue salary payments at a fraction of the costs they may be accustomed too at home within their own IT BPO/KPO operations.

With zero corporate tax rates for the first four 4 years and up to 8 years in PEZA ZONE  AREAS or BUILDINGS, one can appreciate why many Fortune 500 and Small Medium Enterprise companies are already off shoring to the Philippines or are contemplating in doing so.

Conroy stated, prior to pursuing sub leasing within the Call Centre Industry within the Philippines it’s important also to check with your potential lessor that their landlord will allow such an arrangement to take place.

They say it’s more fun in the Philippines, but most importantly it’s actually more fun to work here too because its certainly cost efficient, complemented with a welcoming climate, where one can kick back and relax into a pair of shorts and tee shirt at any time of the day after work,  he said.

If you feel you may wish to explore outsourcing  in the Philippines now or in the future, please feel free to reach out to us where we would be happy to show you these centre’s in question or you may visit some of our affiliated call centre’s on line here, where we currently have access to 5,000+ vacant seats,  he said.


Talk Bpo has been involved within the call centre industry since 1998 as Call Centre Consultants and as an Advisory Group to numerous fortune 500 companies, SME Enterprises and Universities. From Sydney &  Melbourne Australia to New Delhi India, Riyadh Saudi Arabia and now Manila, The Philippines. Talk Bpo’s expertise is primarily in setting up or renovating new or existing call centres.  Additional services are Information Technology,VoIP & Hardwire Telecommunications where they have won many contracts with Australian ASX companies to take off shore to manage and operate to increase sales, improve PM, Process Management, KPI’s, key performance indicators and assist in numerous research projects for companies considering off shoring outsourcing.

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Tuesday, 14th  April, 2009

Talk Bpo Inc is pleased to announce a pioneer outbound sales operations in Makati known as the Wall Street of The Philippines, with two of the top five Australian Telecommunications providers in Australia. Mike Conroy previous CEO & Co Founder stated, “This accolade will position Talk Bpo Inc, competively in the BPO arena in South East Asia to influence not only Australian and New Zealand companies but European, UK & Irish companies to outsource their business processing campaigns to the Philippines where there is an abundance of talented skilled workforce and state of the art call centres at a fraction of the operation costs businesses are not accustomed to in the Northern & Southern Hemispheres”.

When asked about the current recession in place, Mr. Conroy stated, “What recession? sales with a positive attitude, correct marketing mix supported with voice signature technology for the customer and the sales agent is what makes businesses tick today in telesales. Out there, in the Philippines work force, there will be 200 lucky account sales managers’ positions to be hired by June this year who will be telemarketing the lucky country down under, called Australia”.

When asked when will Talk Bpo Inc. be hiring? “We are hiring now in conjunction with our preferred BPO partners!”, he said.

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Talk Bpo Inc. has a combined professional workforce experience of nearly 40 years. With proactive business campaigns in the BPO industry for over 12 years in Australia, India, Great Britain & Northern Ireland. Talk Bpo Inc. is an Australian & European Bpo Company, assisting companies to find, manage, and successfully operate voice & back end business processing operations at a fraction of the current costs they may not be accustomed to in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Either direct with Talk Bpo Inc. or in alliance with one of their BPO specialist partners in sales, market research, appointment setting, customer service or on line virtual assistants to name a few. Talk Bpo Inc. can now reduce business capital expenditure and operation costs by up to 30% to 40% whilst at the same time increase sales and productivity.

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Mike Conroy
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